CAMREG - Centre for Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy Generation

CAMREG - Centre for Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy Generation

Project funded by EPSRC

Dates: 01 December 2016 - 30 November 2020


The EPSRC Centre for Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy Generation (CAMREG) brings together two leading universities to conduct collaborative research in novel, smart and multifunctional materials for renewable energy conversion and storage. Led by Edinburgh and supported by Strathclyde University, the aim of the £2.5M Centre is to combine activity, know-how and facilities from across a wide range of existing fundamental and applied materials science capacity to address the known and emerging challenges in renewable energy generation and storage. This arena includes on- and off-shore wind, wave, tidal, conventional and next-generation PV and thermal storage.

Acting as a curiosity-driven platform, CAMREG delivers adventurous research at the thematic discipline intersections of its partners to explore, discover and exploit potentially disruptive technologies. It also pools a variety of core expertise in the following three themes:

CAMREG delivers this through a combination of pre-defined keystone projects and flexibly-funded networked projects, achieving wide-ranging impact that will scope continuing research and generate follow-on funding from public and private sources.

CAMREG acts as a virtual centre offering wide breadth and considerable depth of materials research capability and capacity.