CAMREG Flexi Funded Projects


FP1 - Upscalable Lead-Free Double Perovskite Solar Cells

Dr. Pablo Docampo - Newcastle University

FP2 - TideFlex: Highly Compliant Turbine Blades for Increased Energy Capture

Dr Eddie McCarthy - University of Edinburgh

FP3 - Development of a new class of adaptable free-standing hydroxide-ion exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells

Dr Petra Ágota Szilágyi - Queen Mary University London

FP4 - Micro energy harvesters for self-powering of remote sensors in tidal turbines.

Dr Enrico Mstropaolo - University of Edinburgh

FP5 - Fully depleted heterostructures: a novel thin-film solar cell architecture for improved device performance

Dr Budhika G Mendis - Durham University

FP6 - Making Triplets Bright via Coupling with Lanthanide Nanoparticles - New Avenues for Light Manipulation

Dr Akshay Rao - University of Cambridge


FP7 - Additive Manufacturing of Micro Architecture Composite - Metal Joints for Renewable Energy Applications

Prof Athanasios Kolios - University of Strathclyde                                                                                                                                                                                                          

FP8 -Self-warning hybrid composite coating layer for passive visual and remote inspection of offshore wind and tidal turbine blades

Dr Meisam Jalalvand- University of Strathclyde

FP9 - Wireless quantum pressure mapping on tidal blades (QBLADE)    

Prof Rebecca Cheung - University of Edinburgh    

FP10 - Oxygen Reduction Catalysts for Intermediate Temperature Sodium Air Batteries                                    

Prof Keith Scott - Newcastle University                                                                                                                                                                                                

FP11 -  rePLAM: Thermoplastic fibre metal laminates for applications in renewable energy                              

Prof Vasileios Koutsos - University of Edinburgh                                                                                                 

FP12 - SuperConversion: Develop Reliable Superconductors for Renewable Energy Conversion                       

Dr Quan Li - University of Edinburgh